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On-Wood Products manufactures bespoke and standard sized FD30, FD60, FD90, FD120 Doorsets using a range of chipboard and solid timber cores combined with high end solid timber frames and architraves. 

On-Wood Products door cores come from a variety of manufacturers such as Falcon and Halspan and can be supplied as door leaves or door set packages with fire resistant times of up to 120 minutes.  We have one of the most extensive ranges of fire tested doors which also offer excellent acoustic performance. 

Glazed apertures can be incorporated into your chosen door without compromising performance. With flush or hockey stick beads available, most shapes can be cut with our hi-tech CNC cutter under the guidance of our own design team.  All of our glazing systems comply with the latest test evidence available on the market,

(Click here to see our range of cores available under our BMTrada QMark Scope)

We are able to machine your preferred ironmongery into all of our doorsets using our on site cnc machines. 

On-Wood Products can also supply our own range of ironmongery to meets your needs.


(Click Here to see our range of ironmongery

Sound Waves


A typical classroom or family living room will produce between 30dB and 35dB of noise whilst a busy office space produce's between 35dB and 40dB.  35db is required to comply with Building Regulation Part E.

Acoustic doorsets are the perfect solution for reducing the noise level transferred between adjoining rooms and corridors.  Using a variety of door cores and acoustic seals, On-Wood Products can supply doorsets with a rating of up to 43dB.  We use the latest test evidence available on the market and can provide all the supporting test evidence at your request,


If you require both fire and acoustic doors, On-Wood Products specializes in combined Fire & Acoustic doors and frames to meet your specific requirements. 

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