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Veneer Selection 

All of our veneer layons are handcrafted in our factory by our veneer craftsmen and can be stitched together to virtually any bespoke design in any species available on the market. 

We take the greatest pride in our ability to create beautiful artwork from natural timber, 

Speak with our in house veneer experts for more information and the opportunity to hand select your very own personal veneer bundle for your project in our factory veneer stores. 


Laminates & On-Lam

We provide laminates from top brands such as Formica, Egger, Polyrey  and many more.

We also provide our own range of laminates known as On-Lam. complete with wide range of solid colours, textures and woodgrain laminates. 

On-Lam is anti bacterial, hygienic, environmentally friendly and Scuff/ Scratch resistant.

**Specification Sheets are available on request** 

Specialist Finishes 


​With an in house spray booth and a dedicated team of expert french polishers  we also offer a myriad of final finishes such as:

  • Painted

  • Polished/ Lacquered 

  • Stained / Tinted 

  • Limed / Grain filled 

  • Wire brushed / Aged 

  • High Gloss/ Hand Burnishing 

Man Airbrushing
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